Porn is something that most people enjoy and probably you are also amongst them and that is why you are reading this review. There are millions of porn websites on the web and there are also many that offer you free access. However, if you want to see quality porn, then you would have to pay. There is a lot to see and explore in the world of porn and there is possibly no single site that offers you all the genres of porn. Thus, in order to explore everything related to porn, multiple memberships in different porn sites is required. However, there are few sites that offer you access to different other porn sites by paying the membership of only one site and this site is one amongst them. Defiled18 is a website that shows BDSM sex, and that is the only genre it deals with. However, by being a member of this site, you enjoy access to four other websites that deal with other genres of sex. Now, coming back to the site, it is quite clear from the terms as what this site offers. BDSM is a particular genre of sex and it is quite different from the others. That does not mean, that you get to see something beyond sex and blowjobs here. BDSM is wide term that refers to different erotic practices before or during having sex. These ‘erotic’ practices are completely different from what you see generally in most of the porn videos. These practices are wilder than the wildest and you would not believe until you see it with your own eyes. One partner gives order and is considered to be the dominant. The person who takes order is the submissive one. The submissive partner can be tied to the bed, handcuffed, kept on lease, or even caged. Many similar things happen and everything else happens as per the wish of the dominant partner. The submissive partner has to obey them all and there can be switch in their roles. This means the partner who was dominant at the beginning becomes the submissive later. All these depends on the concerned partners. BDSM is something that is practiced by real-life couples too and it is something that is truly enjoyable. You might thing that it is hard for the submissive partner but it is not. Both the partners enjoy it to the fullest and you too would love such videos on the screen. Defiled18 is a site where there are only very tender aged girls who are 19 years of age or few months above it. Most of the videos show the girls to be the submissive partner and also shows how much they enjoy being so. Imagine being tied to the bed and enjoying all kinky stuffs that your partner is doing to you but unable to do anything yourself…irresistibly erotic, isn’t it? Such thoughts are bound to make you wet and how would you feel when you see these things yourself? This site offers you such videos and here, you will come across BDSM videos. Each of the video has different content and you will love browsing through them all. There is a lot to see and learn from the videos of this site and you will enjoy watching all the videos as the videos are nicely made and it shows from the quality of the videos. Different videos make use of different props like in one video, the girl is seen being handcuffed and in another video, she has been tied to a spinning board and many such things. The videos offer hardcore sex content and each of the acts has been shown explicitly.

Design and Features

The site opens with the images of handcuffed girls and girls in chains. From these images, it is easy to guess as what types of videos this website has. The design of the website is similar to most of the other porn sites. There are images of naked girls and boys doing all kinds of stuffs.
There is no write-ups present on the site apart from a medium summary about each of the videos present on their top. There is no ad or anything that is irrelevant present on the site. The images used on the website are of high resolution and the selection of the images is pretty good. They are erotic and sure to arouse you from within.

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Girls and Videos

The girls are tender aged and pretty and it seems that their purity is yet to be spoiled. They get defiled as they engage in different practices of BDSM and they actually enjoy it as much as the men do. All the girls are very attractive and they have the perfect figure on which you would love to pay your hands on. They have soft and round tits and tight asses and pussies. The men have huge cocks and they are very good at all these kinky stuffs. This site has only 16 videos and the videos are of good quality. Members can download the videos and add them to their personal collection. The videos have entertaining content and you will enjoy watching them all. There are all kinds of videos including threesome videos. Apart from these 16 videos, you also have access to the many videos of the other four sites.


If you enjoy BDSM, then this site is perfect for you. You will get to see trailers for free here and it is advisable that you see the trailers first and then decide as whether being a member of this site is worth it. There are not many BDSM videos in this website, however, by being a member of this you will get access to four other websites and that is a great benefit. Thus, all you will get to enjoy different genres of porn by paying for only one.

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