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Design and Features

Entering into the site, you would see immediately what DarkThrills is all about: smoking hot ebonies trying to burn the opposition with superior hardcore sex. I mean just look at the opening page, it’s already chuck full of smoking hot ebony chicks that are simply hungry for cock. You’re going to see a pic of all those cock-hungry ebony girls trying to outdo each other in sucking and fucking cock. All those dark things give off a dark pleasure vibe right off the bat. Add in the color theme factor, which includes red, white, and of course, black, then you’re gonna have a recipe for dark pleasure. However, for a site that you’d expect to be dirty, and well, yeah, it is in a sense dirty, you’ll still see that the site is as clean as ever when it comes to navigation.

You won’t have any of those problems that you will have on other sites where you can’t locate what you want here. It doesn’t have really fancy or advanced search engines, or even tags for that matter, however, you still won’t get lost here, as you will be provided with sorting options like sorting it through alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order, top categories that are viewed by the people all around the world surfing the site, you can sort it out by displaying the most recent videos that were uploaded to the site first until the oldest ones. You can even save your favorite videos so you can check them out again when the time comes that you’ll crave for those girls again.

There’s this unique feature too that’s usually only present in live cam sites, where you can change the thumbnail size to make you see more thumbnails or make you see more of the scenes. Sadly this site has no live cams whatsoever about black girls doing their thing as well. However, this site gives you the best amount of content there is when it comes to videos, making up for its lack of live cam heavily. The number of scenes is just so many, and it’s all about them smoking hot black girls, so you can thoroughly enjoy so many of these hot videos. However, this is a pay site, which means that you have to pay up to become a member, which in turn allows you access to everything in the site.

There’s a cheap trial, but it will only give you limited access. You’re better off becoming a full member of the site. If you do, not only will you become a member of DarkThrills, you’ll also become a member of the network that manages DarkThrills, which is Sextronix. You’ll gain access to at least ten more sites that are operated by Sextronix network. Now that’s a bonus, and you get more than what you’ve paid for.

Girls and Videos

Expect something amazing because these dark skinned girls are gonna blow you off your feet! These free chicks just do whatever they want for the sake of pleasure. Because of their free spirit of doing anything, they do anything, like taking white, yellow or any kind of cock inside their pussies or asses or anywhere they like. Caress it and stroke it like they’re stroking a precious treasure, which in a sense is a precious treasure to them. These smokin’ hot black girls are just the top of the line when it comes to the pleasure.

The black chick especially shows this with the smokin’ hot bod Cocoa Shanelle. Just like her name, she’s as delicious as chocolate. You’re always gonna want to see her, as well as the way she moves that boiling bod of hers, grinding her pussy against that big dick while touching her clit and doing everything she can to make her man cum or make herself cum. Always so good, she’s just the best black chick there is. Hotness and hardcore sex is just the deadliest combination, and she’s got it all. Look her up in DarkThrills and you’ll know what I mean. Though if you’re not that sold on her, you can find other black chicks in the vast collection of hardcore black girl sex scenes that is available on the site.

There’s just so many of these videos that can be found on the site. You’re also going to see these videos in HD. They’re available up to 1080p. They’re that good. You can also choose whether you want to see it in Flash, MP4 or WMV. You just have to choose which of these can give you the best quality there is. There are pics of these hot black chicks too. These look well done and even made by a pro, so there’s that thing to look out for on the site too.


All in all, I’d say DarkThrills is one of the best, if not the best porn site when it comes to this niche. With a massive array of videos at their disposal, you can just choose which black chick you want to see, and it’s there. There’s not much that’s on this site really, except when you’re not into black girls. However, even with that, if you just give this site a chance then you’ll know that the saying “once you go black, you’ll never go back” is true. Check out DarkThrills now and experience all those dark thrills that you get to enjoy.

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