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Czech Sharking website is the best outdoor porn site offering surprise nudity in public. Porn enthusiasts tell you there is no other place on the internet other than the #1 adult exhibitionist website, Czech Sharking. This website offers uncommon, sexy and mischievous prank theme where playful and athletic men search for the cutest and hottest Czech women in the streets and proceed to surprise them by sharking them.

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Design and Features

You might be wondering what “sharking” is, so let me explain before we go on further. “Sharking” is a type of voyeuristic prank where they target beautiful and sexy Czech women and proceed to pull their lower or upper clothing therefore exposing their private parts to the unsuspecting public. It really is an uncommon theme, but the videos nonetheless get uploaded to their website.

The web interface of Czech Sharking is simple, streamlined in design and very easy to navigate around without getting lost. But the website design is not what we are really after, it is those lovely women getting a jolly prank of a lifetime. But Czech Sharking’s unique and playful theme is not the only reason I signed up for membership. In fact, the three highlights of this website are exclusive content, high-quality videos and access to their sister websites.

Let us start with the exclusive content. It is increasingly difficult to keep the exclusive content contained to one website, which is why the good technical staff at Czech Sharking keep a very close eye on their videos so they won’t be uploaded elsewhere. The second highlight is their high-quality videos, which I mean both in format and production. Often times when we are told that videos are high quality, they either mean the clarity of the video or production of the video. At Czech Sharking, they make sure that both their video and production fits, even the highest of standards. The final highlight is their bonus access to their sister websites such as Czech AV, Czech Casting, Czech Massage, Czech Amateurs and at least 19 more websites to explore! On top of those three highlights, there is an additional bonus which not a lot of adult video websites offer, which is unlimited streaming and downloading. Yep, that’s right you can stream and download to your heart’s content without getting blocked or charged a fee for exceeding an undisclosed download limit. This may seem all well and good but that is not the end yet! Hold on to your pants because we have barely scratched the surface of this review.

Girls and Videos

Let us move on and talk about the main attraction of Czech Sharking, which are their lovely ladies and awesome videos. When given the choice, it is with a doubt that the prankers will select only the sexiest and unsuspecting women to prank. Czech Sharking has claim that their videos are all real, there were no hired female models, and they are definitely not scripted. The fact that the pranked women are outraged and blushing red, is a clear indication that these pranks are not staged at all! When I saw the videos of these women, I understood why they picked the Czech Republic for their videos, the women are a work of art. It is a well-known fact that Czech women are very attractive, shapely and gorgeous. But the girls are not the only show stoppers in Czech Sharking, it’s the videos as well. Each video’s time is clearly marked and comes along with a short description on what the video is about, how many they have pranked and what to expect.

Members are allowed to rate and comment on the videos, provided that they do not give too much of the plot or video away. Searching for video is no problem as well since you have the option to search them by popularity, date uploaded and titles. There is an advanced search option if you are looking for something really specific. As I have tested, you can view the videos either on your computers or mobile devices. I tested it out on my spare phone, which is an iPhone 5s, and the results are pretty good. The videos themselves are available in medium quality (768 by 576 pixels) or high quality (1280 by 720 pixels) and those are pretty good considering the camera man has to both hide the camera and run for his dear life without being spotted. I honestly would commend the camera man for being both sneaky and fast enough to dodge handbags, insults and other items women carry with them when they chase them down the streets.


Let us recap what Czech Sharking can do for us. They have a unique theme that appeals to most porn enthusiast. They have highly exclusive content that cannot be found anywhere else, their videos are of the highest quality and have high production value I have seen, and they give you access to their 23 other sister websites. Every member has the undeniable right to unlimited online streaming and offline downloading of any and all the videos. You can search for any specific video and the videos are viewable on either a desktop computer or a mobile device.

I do not see any pit falls or anything bad about this website. I find it extremely handy that they give us access to other adult video websites, which very much makes it worth the membership. I would highly recommend this website to everyone, and not just those porn enthusiasts who has the least bit of a voyeuristic tendencies, but for everyone.

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