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Europeans are a bit different. They seem to ride trains, sunbathe removing their tops and also have a great knowledge about kilometers. They basically know to share a lot of things such as currency, food and also to an extent their fuck companions. So if you have fantasized about such genre of porn when a husband allows his wife or girlfriend to get fucked by some other man while he fucks that man’s wife or girlfriend, then we have a website which suits your needs emphatically.

The site is named Czech Mega Swingers and the main theme of the site is swapping partners for erotic sex. The website is a part of the Czech AV Network and so you can very well imagine the quality to be superlative. In a big room you will find more than 60 people engaging erotically with one another. In the videos, you will find naked bodies moving together. The videos are also clarity filled in the latest 1280x1080p HD formats and the guys who have shot the action have to be applauded for carrying out the action in splendid fashion. It can be really tough to shoot all the entire happenings and so in some of the videos you will find that some of the couples being omitted or partially visible, but generally speaking they have done a remarkable job. They have tried to incorporate all fucking and sucking occurrences and with ample close up shots on some of the couples, you also get the chance to see their facial expressions and also the enjoyable and erotic sounds which the girls make. The drinks are passed and as the boozing is done these couples start to undress.

The orgy starts and later on gets more and more intense. The couples who participate in the videos are real couples and not actors and the action which transpires in between them is genuine sex and not scripted or done under the direction of someone. Apart from the straight porn action, you will also find girl to girl action as well as busty MILFs seducing tender age hunks for drilling them into submission. Wife swapping and gang bang, blow jobs and also cum shots at the end of the action are also common sights. You will find each of the action to be of sufficable lengths. When I checking the site after getting an account here, I came across that the girls were really horny and they wanted the authentic feel of a dick not inside a condom. So sex rubbers are not seen in any of the action and the dicks just drill the glory holes and burst out of sticky and salty semen in the end.

The site designers have also made it a point to make their site with a great download as well as streaming speed just so that you do not face any problems in enjoying their favorite videos in your preferable mode. There are also no restrictions on the download limit and that allows you to keep obtaining videos and pictures without any strings attached. Another advantage of the site is that setting up an account here means access to all the available sites in the Czech AV Network. Some of the popular sites which might intrigue you are- Czech parties, Czech Lesbians, Czech Streets, Czech Solarium, Czech Sharking, Czech Toilets, Czech First Video and etc! There are about 30 + sites which are under this network and getting them all at just the price of one single subscription is pure value for money.

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Design and Features

There are lots to love about the site as entering you will find that all the essential details are properly displayed at the top. The site is also smooth in its accessibility and using the tools above you get the chance to check out any given part of the site which you feel like. The video previews have brief descriptions and play without any problems and watching them will surely give you an ample idea about the quality of the action. But if you want to enjoy them in their complete form, then you will have to set up a subscription.

The registration is simple and all you have to do is enter your name and email address and also select a username and a password. The details will be properly protected by the site owing to the advanced security of the site so you do not have to worry one bit. The subscription packages are also present on the same account set up page and selecting the one which goes into your pockets, you can send out your request. A positive confirmation will make you one of its affiliates and give you to access to all the present content as well as the bonus sites on offer. The payment has to be done with credit cards or via cheque and if you run into some issues, there is always the site’s customer care helpdesk which you can rely on. You can also enjoy all the footage of the site using your smartphones as it is responsive to all the popular operating systems in the market.

Girls and Videos

The couples are real and so is the action which takes place between them. The lengths of the videos are lengthy and involve fucking of the highest caliber. The videos are downloaded in MP4 as well as WMV formats and also can be streamed using the flash media player of the site. The pictures can also be obtained as downloads in the form of zip files or viewed online as slideshows. The updates are constant and will give you lots of erotic hours to masturbating. The women who feature in the action are great both in their looks as well as the figures which they support and they do not mind taking dicks other than their own partners for some mind bashing stimulation.


The prospects are quite inviting when you enter Czech Mega Swingers and that is what makes it one of the largest swinger porn portals in the realm.

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