CFNMTeens is a site where girls wear clothes and are still lustful enough to drive you crazy with horniness. The males are naked, exposed to the eye of the viewers, and the girls are clothed enough not to be completely naked, yet naked enough to be fucked thoroughly. This site will have you on its knees, begging for more, and you will come back, ready to masturbate and have yourself an orgasm, or many more, as it was in my case.

Design and Features

Simplicity is probably the best way to go around making a site, especially one where you would not want your eyes to be distracted by needless eye candy, and things that just get in the way of you viewing those sexy girls. The home page is designed in a grid like manner, one that allows you to see a lot of previews, with catchy titles and the number of views right below them. The white background and gray serve as a nice surface, and the pink letters and frames give it that girlish edge. The site has you at its mercy, as when you join, you get to use the filters and the search bar, to find the videos that you love to watch, and that might make you stay a bit longer. The site has no lag, and that is one of its best features, besides the videos, as you get to load and open pages, even on the mobile devices, the site being completely optimized for the user.

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Girls and Videos

The girls on this site are amazing, as they are barely of age, yet they know so much about dicks and having sex, that their innocent faces will fool you, up until they get that dick in their mouths and suck it of completely, to an exploding orgasm. That is usually the ending of the videos, unless they end in mouthwatering creampies. Seeing the girls treat the males in an intense way makes for an even better viewing experience, not to mention the fact that they love sex, and will in the end fuck the guys, no matter what they would say and do prior to the said fucking. Getting their faces covered in cum is one of their favorite ways to end a video, and one of the most satisfying ones. The clothed girls are able to drive you insane, even though you will not see them naked completely, but you will see them get to that orgasm. They will get the males naked, one way or another, and that stands to be one of the best things on the site, the girls showing their power over men, in a way which does not include ropes and whips. With full HD quality of the videos, and endless streaming that you will get upon joining, the site looks better by the second. Add to that the regularly updated videos, and the 24/7 customer service, the 100% discrete billing, and you have yourself a winning combination.


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