If you are the kind that gets on the cloud when you see beautiful girls reveal their lingerie in naughty fashion or even get down with each other in steamy romantic encounters, then you have Candigirlvideo to check out. You are treated to a generous display of goodies of beautiful models that seem to have been specially selected for the camera. There are enough titillating videos and pics to get you in the mood for a fuck.

Design and Features

The site has a simple design. It is draped in a pink and white décor which often signals to a feminine bias. Indeed, my stereo types proved true when I checked in and sought to explore more of what the site has to offer. I’ve never seen such a large team of gorgeous girls dedicated to adult entertainment on a single site. They have a commendable layout and design that seeks to help users get around with relative ease. There are clearly laid out in categories to help visitors figure out what they should view. Navigation is thus aided by, not only the available categories but a series of model indexes that lead to the actual scenes. You are given a fast preview of what to expect immediately you land on the home page. There are many captions and screenshots of the models in varying locations and performing different stunts. I was glad that my instincts led me here since I had been starved of high quality stuff for some time. In clicked on one of the models’ captions and, well you guessed right, I was led to a hot scene. I downloaded it quickly on my phone and sat back to explore. I have never been hooked up so fast. Apart from the fact that the girl I chose is the perfect example of ultimate beauty, the video quality was way beyond my expectations. I hope by now you know that there is no live streaming. It would have been convenient to access the content and watch on the go but I was still able to have fun with the pics and videos all the same. There are no live cams or bonuses either; only a cool stream of high quality video from the site.

Girls and Videos

The scenes on this site feature a wide range of attractive girls in up-skirt revelations of panties, knickers and even bear pussies given a chance to breathe under cover of a miniskirt or dress. I loved the quality of the photos and videos. Anyone will agree that if you are to fault candigirlvideo, you will seek something other than the quality of their videos and pics. They are the best you will ever get on the pornographic scenes online. I simply couldn’t stop sifting the pages of the site. There is a lot more than you can possibly watch in a single session. I got to view photos on girls shaving their mounds as others chink around in sex pissing stunts. I loved the way Addie Juniper flaunted her beauty and goodies around. She is featured in several bold nude scenes as she shows of her full pussy that looks so puffy I thought she was up to something with the camera person. She bends and spreads out to show you her turgid cherry that seems to call the viewer to take a taste. There are over 402 videos to download from the site. Each of these videos plays for 12 minutes. You are also privy to over 200hundred galleries. There are 70 pics in each of these. The files are made in M4V.


Candigirlvideo is certainly a great site to trigger the girly and boyish feeling of arousal. There is sufficient entertainment that mostly tries to stick to soft porn but veers off sometimes.

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