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Design and Features

If the brief overview about the portal has been able to ignite the flame of passion in you then you will surely like to know about the other aspects of this anal sex locale. One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is that for getting to the videos and images, you will have to take the membership of this situate. This is a business endeavored and so the contents will come for a certain price. The membership will cost you and this is directly proportional to the package that you subscribe to. The online form of the portal is available by clicking on the designated tab. Here, you will have to fill in the details that have been asked. The submission that follows this will help you in creating an account here that can be accessed by a password, assigned to you by the admin of the web page. The home page is another attractive element that has been adding to the cause of popularity of the site. As soon as you enter the page, you will be welcomed by the images of the videos, where chicks are flashing their buttholes and getting a good fucking session. The number of videos has seen a downfall yet the quality has been maintained at an all-time high. Most of the contents are in full HD version. Both the facilities of downloading via MP4 and streaming via Flash are available. Here, resolutions of 640×480 are available in both cases. This site will provide you with free access to 20 bonus locales. The navigation is very simple and the videos and images can be viewed in cell phones that run on Windows operating systems.

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The locale can boast of beautiful and well-maintained models that are ever ready to take off their clothes in front of the camera and showcase their body as well as their body of work. Once you take an entry here, you will get to see 98+ videos that are all of 25 minutes of time duration. The images are of high resolution of 912×684 and the galleries are 98+ in number. Each set of pictures contain 100 imageries. All of these can be downloaded in the Zip format. The skill of the damsels will surely turn you on. No matter what you like in the porn clippings, ButtDivers will surely provide you with that.


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