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Features and Design

When you pay the website a visit, you’ll notice the striking black & red color combination that provides you with probably the best feeling of being intrigued of knowing what’s in the web? are the stories good? or would they turn me on? ‘Yes sir, they definitely would!’. The home screen though gives quite some links, and is filled with different stories and in the right would be the price of every story. The design of the page is so straightforwardly engineered that you may find probably everything you desire to know about the site on the very homepage. Above 200 different stories including big boob superheroines, office girls, HS girls seeking attention, certain doctors who are after their patients, office girls and them being naughty, a witch cursing a girl for having boobs growing when she goes angry, all these stories and their titles already would have caught your attention and by the time you see the title covers of these comics you might end up reading the preview and shopping it within no time!. The best part is the stories are written in such a way the writers wrote them keeping the viewers desires in mind! Big Boobs girls have always been more attractive than the slim girls with limited tittles. Bestory Club provides you with keeping in mind your desire. Stories along with the inner drawings of curvy big breasted women will get your attention and while reading you will be lost in the books in such way as if you would be feeling the story as if it is being real and all that’s happening is somewhere happening. The content of the stories is very solid and is meant to make you wet your pants by the time you finish a story! so my advice watch out! In above tabs, you can also find an “Extras” tab it provides you with the best cartoon imaged wallpapers. Good quality images with the best stuff in them and worth being the wallpapers of personal cell phones and PC’s.

Girls and Videos

Coming to the stories, well the website already states any resemblance to real incidents is all coincidental. Don’t think them being real, but the stories contain such solid script, bold words, erotic expressions and limited gestures (to turn you on) might make you feel it’s Real even though you know it’s not! Or you would want them to be real and happening with you as you don’t get bigger boobs outside the fiction. Stories are a mixture of some great material, great art, and big boobs. Bestory Club gives you an erotic arousing experience same as if watching a video. Though the concept of these stories is not only about girls being fucked, it’s about the passion of the most natural human phenomenon that is the desire (to intercourse). This desire is probably the most gifted pleasure from God, I reckon it’s not any ordinary human activity rather it being an Art gifted by God to his minions. All these stories have solid content providing you a reader’s fantasy experienced never before never anywhere. The erotic images in the comics do turn you on as you turn page by page. You would be lost in another world with the passage of time, and feel yourself beyond the limits of time in a world where fantasies do come true. Different writers, with different stories, come up with the best fantasies assembled all together in a single website a Heaven for story lovers this is. The best website you can find for stories on BE. If you have not read their works then you are missing out.


Once you start reading you won’t be backing up, personally, I do like reading some stories rather than watching a 30 min porn video with fantasies ending just as the video ends, unlike the Stories that stay alive in your fantasy chamber of the mind that keeps it breathing.

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