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When I was a wee lad, the latest technology I encountered were those ice shaver-sized cell phones and marveled at how they are capable of making and receiving calls. I always dreamt of having a cell phone myself. When I got older, newer technology got introduced and these cell phones were now able to send as well as received calls, text, songs, pictures and even videos! Just when technology couldn’t surprise me any further, cell phones started getting tinier and tinier through the years and in the last couple of years, new broke out of a device capable of altering our visual surroundings called Virtual Reality and if that wasn’t marvelous enough, the porn industry decided to make a little invention of their own called Virtual Reality Porn.

When news spread that we have the technology capable of creating incredibly realistic porn, BaDoink VR hopped on the bandwagon and launched the similarly named website, boasting the best, high quality augmented reality porn out on the market. If I could talk to my past self I would tell him to save my money from buying those ice shaver-sized phones and invest in the future.

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Design and Features

They are the leading adult website for VR Porn. When you check their website, you can tell that they kept it minimal with simple white, black and gray undertones because let us be honest for one second, we are here for the content they produce and not the visual design of the website.

The features however are what made me interested which is the frequent updates, unlimited streaming or downloading of their videos, the innovative device design and of course, a free Google Cardboard. Let’s start with the first one, which is the frequent updates. BaDoink VR is barely 10 months old, but they have produced 100+ videos, that is around 10 videos a month or two videos per week. Production wise, uploading two videos a week is impressive and the quality is not bad either, but I’ll explain more on that later.

The second feature is unlimited streaming and downloading of their videos. As the name implies, being a member of BaDoink VR entitles you unlimited streaming and downloading of videos to the device of your choice, but be warned, most videos are at least 1 gigabyte large so be sure to have some extra space there!

The final feature is how you can integrate the software with your smart phone and a corresponding VR head gear. You download the movies of your choice to any VR head gear such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Play Station VR, or Gear VR, and simply press play and be immersed in all the action. It is a well-known fact that VR head gears cost a lot and if you don’t own any of the previously mentioned devices, then they will ship you a pair of Google Cardboard. A Google Cardboard is a pre-cut piece of cardboard that lets you build a card board VR headset. Though it is made of sturdy card board, it is still paper so if the card board get wet with sweat (and other bodily fluids), chances are it will get soggy and deteriorate.

Girls and Videos

BaDoink VR launched early May of last year and in their almost one year of operating, they have at least 100+ videos uploaded and 90+ female models. Let’s start off with the women. I might as well be praising God since the female models featured in here look like angels sent from above. They even have some familiar names appearing in the lineup, names such as August Ames, Riley Reid, Tori Black, Blake Eden and at least 90+ more girls ranging from amateurs to pros, but all are equally beautiful and sexy. They have a “Girls” tab where they list the female models featured in the videos as well as a short bio and a couple of vital facts about themselves.

The videos on the other hand are the show stealers. The videos are recorded in what is known as a POV or Point Of View angle, which means all the videos are recorded as if you were the one banging these hot ladies. Several of the members would boast that pairing this VR Porn with vibrators, flesh lights, personal lubricants as well as other forms of sex toys, will make the viewing experience not only realistic, but pleasurable and as several people have claimed, orgasmic! Since the videos are motion captured with the latest 360-degree technology, it is as high definition as possible as it can get. All those 100+ videos uploaded are as clear as the sky is blue, sometimes reaching up to 4k quality videos. Furthermore, since these videos are filmed with the latest 360-degree motion tracking technology, it will record every movement, sound and any other events going on and replicate it in the highest definition possible. Why bother watching porn videos in grainy low quality when you can see it in the highest definition possible? But make sure to have some space in your chosen mobile device since they videos can get as big as 5 giga bytes!

Fair warning to those land lubbers who tend to get sea sick fast, first-time users of these VR head gears tend to get a little nauseous because this is something new to your brain and it needs time to process the information going on. But getting sea sick is worth it if it means seeing these lovely ladies’ tits bounce up and down on a hard cock. 


To summarize BaDoink VR in one paragraph gives it no justice at all. BaDoink VR has simple premise, which is streaming or downloading VR Porn into a VR-capable device and totally submerge you in an artificial reality. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but with the videos produced by BaDoink VR, I am speechless. I have done my best to describe BaDoink VR and all I can really say is to sign up and see what I am talking about. Me and almost a thousand members can back you up on this innovative and futuristic porn website. You’re going to thank me later for this!

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