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Another awesome day to you my fellow fap mates! Today, I will be talking to you about asses and why I love them. Okay. First things first. Are you a guy who prefers asses or tits? If you are an ass guy, then cheers to you my fellow ass worshipper! Don’t get me wrong, I love tits as well but there is just something mysterious and irresistible about a fine ass that we just can’t help but glue our eyes on it as a smoking hot chick passes by.

Even if we already have a girlfriend or are already married, we just can’t shake this congenital habit of ours off of our system. It seems like our brains are already programmed to stare at asses like it’s a part of our body’s normal reflexes. I don’t know if it’s just me or if most of you agree but women with a flat rack can still be considered physically attractive, hot and sexy if they have a great ass to compensate for it. I still find women with big and bouncy boobs and flat ass sexy though but not as hot and fuckable as the first ones. That is just my opinion, though.

Anyways, since we are already talking about asses, let’s get to the main point. If we find fine asses amazing and irresistible, how much more if we get to stick our dicks in and out of that dirty pleasure hole and fuck it hard till we fill it to the brim with our cum? Unfortunately for us normal and healthy guys, not all ladies like the idea of being penetrated at the back door. Most of them find it inappropriate, uncomfortable, and dirty. Well, on AnalTryouts, your prayers will be answered and you will get to see hot chicks’ voluptuous asses and tight butt holes getting stretched out as they take a rough pounding and, the most important of all, you can actually see that these sluts are enjoying it.

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Design and Features

This is one of the porn sites I have visited with the most user-friendly home page. As you get into the porn site’s home page, you will readily see the site’s contents arranged accordingly with the latest updates showed first. Videos are lined up neatly with its titles showing just below each thumbnail. By pointing the cursor to the thumbnail, you will be shown a slideshow that gives you the gist of what will happen in the entire video and you will also see the total length of the clip. You will also see sets of pictures in the gallery with ladies enjoying some rough yet sweet anal action which is readily downloadable in zip format just for you.

The video clips are of high quality and are also readily available for download in MP4 format which is compatible with any of your gadgets. You may also choose to stream the porn site’s video content online with the help of the site’s embedded video flash player. I must be one of the lucky guys to get to experience just how wonderful it is to fuck a perfectly round, tight ass. If I were to describe it in one word, “heavenly” is a big understatement.

No word can exactly define how wonderful and pleasurable the experience was and even up to this day I still think about it and fap to that memory sometimes. My partner didn’t really like it and just wanted to give it a try so it didn’t happen ever again, even on my birthday. But oh well. At least I have this porn site to remind me how awesome that experience was. 

Girls and Videos

Damn, these bitches are HOT! They are not just horny, they are VERY HORNY! They would probably look like sea urchins if their horniness got materialised! Kidding aside, these women’s asses are top notch and are really stretchable. That bitch’s ass getting pounded hard and stretched to its maximum elasticity is definitely a treat to the eyes and would get your sexual drive boiling for another session of mind and dick blowing all nighters! If you don’t want to see the porn actress with a male partner, there are also videos which only has female to female action with the help of sex toys to fuck each other’s asses, or you may also enjoy a solo act of a lady which starts with inserting and fingering her tight ass and later uses sex toys and bizarre objects to insert in and out of her tight, dirty ass.

This site offers a lot of videos of women from all over the globe. From American to Latinas and from European to Asian passing from Africa, this site features all the asses you can think of spanking and fucking! But I’ve got to say that for me, the best ass belongs to Latinas and black women. These asses are the best of the best and not only are they big, round, smooth, and tight. They are also very bouncy and elastic as you can see it jiggle while getting fucked by either a real dick or a synthetic piece of a battery-operated cock. This site really knows where to get the supply of the best asses in the world, some even better than Kim K’s! and you get to see these all in High Definition!


This is definitely a win-win situation. You really have nothing to lose if you decide to sign up and register as a member of this porn site. The prices are very reasonable in exchange for a very good time. If you are very much into porn like me, then this site is one of those you don’t want to miss. This site is one of the best and often gets high ratings from its members.

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