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AllThingsAmateur is the finest porn site featuring swinging amateurs, MILFs and matures. AllThingsAmateur shows these chicks getting royally screwed in all their holes by horny studs and men they meet in parties, their homes, hotels, parks, and other places. Some of the chicks get fucked for the first time on camera, and when you witness such exquisite sex scenes, you cannot help, but jerk-off to glory. That’s one of the reasons why we recommend you subscribe to AllThingsAmateur.

Presented below is a detailed, comprehensive and unbiased review of AllThingsAmateur. The review presents two critical aspects of the site that make it a very popular one. The first part of the review covers the design and features aspect, focusing on the overall design and organization of the site, including the layout of videos, the quantity and quality of videos, and other such details. The second part of the review is the more interesting part, which will cover the kind of girls and the nature of videos. We are confident that by the time you read the conclusion of the review, you will be motivated enough to subscribe to this site. So, stay on with this review to know more about AllThingsAmateur.

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Design and Features

The unique design and features of AllThingsAmateur impressed us considerably and is very different compared to the kind of sites we’ve reviewed till date. Images make a porn site very interesting, for it entices porn lovers to explore more about the site while giving an idea of what to expect. In AllThingsAmateur, you will find this to the core, for there are many images and thumbnails to help you get a glimpse of what it offers and what you would love to watch.

The site offers a simplistic design, with no demarcations like a header, main body, and footer. At the top, there are a few images of sexy amateurs, MILFs and matures showing off their cleavages, breasts, asses and happily sucking dicks. A logo is seen to the left of these images. A brief description of AllThingsAmateur is seen to the right of a free trailer. The write-up offers you what to expect on this site, the nature of girls, the kind of videos and the awesome goodies you get from the network. AllThingsAmateur is a very responsive site, and is compatible with mobiles, tablets, desktops, and laptops, allowing you to carry your favorite chicks with you wherever you go. To the left of the write-up, there is a free trailer, which you can watch, and get a brief idea of the kind of chicks featured on AllThingsAmateur, and their amazing performances. We shall describe the trailer in detail in the Girls and Videos section of this review.

As mentioned earlier, there are many images, thumbnails, and screenshots, more than 100 of them on the homepage, to explore. And, this number is only the tip of the iceberg. You will find more when you subscribe. The first few thumbnails provide you with a brief description of the video, along with the name of the chick and the duration or runtime. The latter videos just provide a title. A registered member can click on the thumbnail to view the videos, but as a guest, you don’t have the permission.

Before we proceed to the girls and videos section, let’s quickly cover the affordability of AllThingsAmateur. There are three plans at your disposal, which includes a monthly plan, quarterly plan, and a half-yearly plan. Of the three plans, the half-yearly plan offers significant discounts. Subscribe to this plan and save significant money. 

Girls and Videos

All of you access a porn site because you want to watch a sexy slut get fucked, or enjoy a hot blowjob or creampie. When you get access to a site that offers you sexy amateurs, kinky MILFs and horny matures, you will never seem to get enough of it. What makes AllThingsAmateur unique is that the chicks featured in it aren’t the regular pornstars one will find on many porn sites.

These chicks are the kind of people you will meet in your everyday life, when you are on your way to work, in the bus or metro, your neighbourhood chick, or the sexy aunty you’ve been thinking of fucking for a long time, or the newly married chick who is basking in the new-found ecstasy in getting fucked. While the MILFs and matures are experienced in sex, many amateurs are getting fucked for the first time on camera. However, their freshness hasn’t stopped them from showing off their kinky side and get fucked in the most insane ways.

The sluts’ performances are amazing, and you will love to watch these videos repeatedly, till your dick shots its load in your pants. You will enjoy the amateur sluts sucking a hard boner, which is shot in various angles. The blowjobs and deepthroating scenes are truly outstanding and so natural that you wouldn’t want to miss out on the action for a single minute.

Not only do the sluts suck dicks or get fucked, but also lick, eat and suck each other’s pussies and nipples. You will enjoy these kinky lesbian scenes immensely, which will enhance your masturbation experience. The chicks masturbate with so much élan that you will relish these masturbation scenes as much as you’ve enjoyed the other sex videos. The HD quality videos show you twosomes, threesomes, and foursomes too.

The trailer shows you a mature chick Liisa and MILF Shelly getting together for a kinky threesome. The bitches are seen taking turns sucking a dick and giving a hot blowjob. The guy cums hard and ends up shooting his load into their mouths, and the sluts swap the cum before swallowing it. 


We must say that AllThingsAmateur is a wonderful porn site to subscribe to, and is worth every penny spent on it. Naturally endowed and beautiful chicks with their amazing performances in kinky scenes are sure to keep you glued to your computer screens for a long time. And, your hands will not stop stroking your dicks too. Affordable membership also ensures that you don’t spend a fortune for owning a wonderful site like this. So, without a moment’s delay, we recommend you become a member of AllThingsAmateur.

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