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18Videoz porn website is one of the greatest sexy amateur porn sites catering to your wild fantasies about sex and fresh girls. In this website, you will be greeted with lots of blowjob, cumshots, and a whole load of hardcore sex plays. The girls are also worth your notice because they are really slutty vixens who want nothing but sex, sex, and sex. This is certainly the best website for your amateur fantasies.

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Design and Features

Signing up for a premium membership here in the 18Videoz porn website is a choice that will make you proud of yourself. After all, many benefits come with being a member of the said site, especially if you are someone who loves porn. To start off the list of positive points about 18Videoz, let us start with the layout of the website. When it comes to the layout, most people want it to be simple and easy to navigate simply because they don’t want to go through the extra hassle, just so they can watch their favorite videos. That’s what 18Videoz can offer. Aside from being simple and easy to navigate, the site is also professional-looking, neat, and clean. Moreover, you can bet that the site is mobile-ready. You should be able to access the site even when you are using your Android or iPhone.

Aside from the layout of the website, another important point that will be considered as the positive point of 18Videoz is the video archive. There is already a large archive of videos here in the site and these videos are all filled with creampies, blowjobs, cumshots, and double penetrations. In the archive, the first thing that you will see is the array of video thumbnails that contain some hot stuff. Underneath the thumbnails, you can read some details about the respective videos. These details include the video title, video rating, and source. You won’t regret playing a single video because they are all of great quality. You can stream or download them. If you choose to download, enjoy no download limits. The videos are available in their Flash, WMV, and MP4 file formats. Most of them last for half an hour, more or less. As of now, you can enjoy almost 3000 videos already uploaded here in the 18Videoz porn website.

Do not forget about the photo collection of the site. This website already has a number of photo galleries showcasing the hot nude bodies of the amateur porn stars. The nude photos you can check out here in the site are all of crystal clear quality. A photo gallery will have at least 100 pictures in them, so you have plenty of jack off materials to feed your naughty mind. If you wish to, you may download the photos and you can do so in a zip file. Expect that this site will still grow some more in terms of its porn material collection due to the regular updates.

If you wish to be satisfied on a daily basis sexually, then there is no doubt that paying for a subscription for 18Videoz is a good choice. You may pay through credit card. Since the billing method is discreet, you won’t have to worry about this porn website appearing in your financial statements. Your privacy will be protected so there is no need for you to worry about.

Girls and Videos

Many girls are already showcased here on the site. In 18Videoz porn website, you can find a good mix of experienced porn stars and newly arrived models. Of course, since the nature of the site is that of the amateur niche, the fresh faces are still the in-demand ones. The veterans, though, can attract both loyal members and new ones because of what they offer – hardcore sex plays! The girls who are featured on the site are Europeans. It should be easy to tell that they are European ladies through their physical appearance – which include blonde hair, white skin, and busty physique. A good number of the vixens here in 18Videos porn site are Russians, as what you can determine through the conversations being held in the videos.

What makes the girls here in the 18Videoz porn website is the fact that they are all ready for sex. They are prepared to handle any kind of sex play – whether it be lesbian sex play, hardcore penetration, or much more! The girls are very satisfied as long as they experience mind-blowing sex. It should be a piece of cake for these girls to go wild and hot for their XXX scenes.

In total, the site already has almost 2000 girls who are showcasing not only their mouth-watering bodies but also their great appetite for sex. You will love them, adore them, and worship them once you check out their profiles and videos.


There are indeed many porn websites on the Internet that fall under the amateur niche. In fact, this is the niche that is the most popular, especially since most porn lovers want to see fresh faces in the AV industry. However, 18Videoz stand out from the rest because of the quality of the girls showcased on its website. Moreover, the quality of the videos and photos won’t lose out to that. You can see that these porn content are real of top notch quality. Of course, there is also the amazing and neat website design that turns the members on even more. There’s also the bonus content you’ll get your hands on with your membership. If you wish to have a membership to the said website, then all you have to do is subscribe. The payment for membership shouldn’t be that costly.

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