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18Tokyo is a top Asian porn site to pay for with fresh and new asian porn stars. I’ve always loved Japan and the Japanese. Japan has produced some of the greatest cultural achievements are known to man. Especially the artwork. From many disciplines of martial arts to The Tale of Genji to Bushido, Godzilla, and tentacle porn- Japan is a country that has it all. When I found out I would be reviewing Japanese porn, I dropped everything immediately and started writing. 18Tokyo is my assignment. Let’s get down to business.

The name of the site is a disappointment. But it’s to be expected. Whoever the engineer is, whoever the webmaster is, had to simplify the name for those who speak that dastardly English tongue. So 18Tokyo it is. The not much creative license was taken, but if you like fresh, hairy Japanese school girls then 18Tokyo is heaven on earth for you. Right on the page it draws you in. Some fresh Japanese girls are getting jackhammered by what I presume is an older Japanese man. From there you’ll know that 18Tokyo is one of the best-paid porn sites on the whole wide world of the internet.

Nice pay porn site where the Asian girls love cum in their faces

Design and Features

It’s the Japanese. All that can be expected is perfection, nobility, and dignity. Well, maybe not those three.Who cares? That’s what lies are for. Anyways, the statistics bar is staggering in its content. 18Tokyo features 1,261,359 pictures, 27,961 videos, 4,459 models, 8,932 and is part of AllJapanesePass that includes 24 network sites. And the price? You’re not going to believe this. $7.50 a month! 18Tokyo is what can be considered a niche site. It caters to a certain demographic. If you’re in that demographic, you’re in luck.

18Tokyo features Japanese schoolgirls being punished for being Asians and not Asians. If you like blowjobs, lingerie, hairy clams, and grunting old Japanese men, you’ll blow your load here. All the videos are filmed in pristine HD. All of the shots are clear. Especially the shots when the old Japanese men are giving it good to the girls. Specifically, when you can see his ass. If you’re like me, you’ll wonder how such an amazing angle was filmed; did he have a small cam taped to his ass? And at any time during the mating session, did his ass itch? With HD, you can find this and many other things out.

Girls and Videos

18Tokyo may not be the most original site in its concept. This doesn’t diminish the viewer’s enjoyment though. Japan is notorious or should I say infamous for its school girls. At the moment, the most popular Japanese school girl is actually a man in his fifties who’s a computer engineer and photographer. Thank god he’s not in these videos. I’m sure he’s a perfectly nice man. But it proves that the rest of the world are fascinated by the mythos of the Japanese schoolgirl.

Fascinated even. And the folks behind 18Tokyo are wise in providing a popular service to customers and capitalizing on it. A lot of the videos revolve around naughty girls getting it good for being bad in the classroom (See Asian vs. Asian comment somewhere above). This is the ultimate temptation. Teacher, student. Slave, master. Weird Japanese, weirder Japanese. If you love hot fresh Japanese girls with the erotic passion of a potato, this is your site. The sex itself is mild. Milquetoast.

The schoolgirls are either fully clothed lying supine on the row of desks or rarely naked on the bed. The colour is about as passionate as the sex; which means tame and missionary because the Japanese can’t be bothered to try anything else out. But the hairy pussies are nice. And the tan, taut nipples that stick out like shaky wine corks. 18Tokyo, though limited, is still hot.


I like the layout and design. Pink is my favorite color. When I typed the URL in the search bar, the color pink greeted me as the main page of 18Tokyo showed up. Then I saw the price and it blew my mind. I thought wow, what a huge library of content for such a tiny price. $7.50 a month in case you didn’t read me correctly. And with that price, as mentioned before, comes 24 bonus sites for no additional charge. That’s right. Free. Everybody likes free stuff. It’s not any different with porn. These are 24 more sites of cute Japanese girls in their glory. It’s like they’re all waiting for you. They don’t even care that you’re 31 years old, unemployed, living with your parents, overdosing on marathons of My Little Pony, and crying yourself to sleep every night. Most likely you’re American and that’s exactly what they want. Finally, you’re special. Think of how much fantasizing you can do with 24 sites. Some of these bonus sites are

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